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Target Appliance is the #1 air conditioning repair company for fixing Trane air conditioners and many other brands in Sherman Oaks and throughout the San Fernando Valley.

We have just helped numerous clients with their cooling needs saving them money and getting them back to the comforts of their AC.  Our Sherman Oaks ac repair experts are highly trained in fixing HVAC systems from A-to-Z and we can repair your air conditioner back to when it was near new. There are rare instances where it makes sense to get a new one and if that’s the case, we’ll let you know upfront.

So, no matter what the model, we can take care of them. Over the years, our Sherman Oaks air conditioning repair technicians have come across every brand and have built off their knowledge and skillset to service what’s out in everyone’s home.

When you notice that your home is not cooling down the way it used to, it’s taking longer to get cooler, or it’s just blowing room temperature air, it’s time to call us to inspect your air conditioner repair in Sherman Oaks, CA. As with any machine, the sooner find out what’s wrong, the better. Continued use of an air conditioner that’s not running into optimal conditions can make it worse and more expensive to repair.   Hot southern California summers keep air conditioners running constantly, so they need to be in tip-top condition.

Our Sherman Oaks appliance repair company offers same-day service.  We can get to your home and perform repairs the same day we make the appointment.  You’ll be greeted by a licensed AC professional.  We can come to you day or night and be there to help you. We also work with numerous landlords, businesses, restaurants, apartments, office buildings, any locations that have air conditioning. Target Appliance should be your first and only call for AC repair in Sherman Oaks & all of Los Angeles, CA.

Call us today to get cool again.