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Has your Sub-Zero refrigerator given up? Has it ceased to provide the full extent of its functionality? Has it been making strange, unexplainable noises lately? If any issues plague your household fridge, then look no further than Target Appliance Repair! Our professional, expertly-trained technicians will always be happy to assist with any and all manner of problems for your Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Sherman Oaks, no matter the extent, severity, or type of damage it may be.

Why Call A Professional?

If your Sub-Zero fridge begins exhibiting strange, abnormal behaviors, it is highly-advisable to seek the aid of a professional technician. Attempting to diagnose and then repair any issues yourself is not recommended in the slightest. Without any proper training or equipment, do-it-yourself repairs can very often prove hazardous to both yourself and your wallet. Not only could you very easily end up purchasing unnecessary tools and replacement parts that you do not need, but ill-fated repair attempts could easily lead to personal injuries, or they could even damage your fridge even further, putting the food held within at risk. Think of all the money that would be wasted from a fridge-full of food spoiling! Is it really worth such a risk to merely save a few dollars?

Why not save yourself the hassle by calling in one of our professionally-trained technicians? With a call and an appointment, we will send a technician to assess the precise issues that any Sub-Zero fridge may be experiencing, and then make repairs as needed. Our technicians, with their knowledge of the inner-workings of appliances, may even discover some additional underlying problems that have not revealed themselves as of yet, saving you both time and money in the long run. If left untreated, such dormant malfunctions often tend to make themselves known and gradually worsen over-time, costing progressively more of your hard-earned money on future repairs. With that in mind, why wait? Call us today, and have an experienced professional come to help. While it may not be entirely obvious at first glance, calling in a technician will be worth your while later down the road.

About Sub-Zero

A company with nearly eighty years of experience under its belt, Sub-Zero has been producing high-end refrigeration units since the company’s founding in 1945. For over two generations, Sub-Zero’s refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers have always been there to keep perishables from living up to their name. In 1943, the company’s founder Weyste F. Bakke invented the first free-standing freezer, and the company he went on to found two years later would go on to become the very first to manufacture built-in refrigerators. The rest, as they say, is history.

Common Issues and Concerns

If your Sub-Zero refrigerator is exhibiting one or more abnormalities, it is very important to not only immediately call a professional, but to make note of any such anomalies. Paying attention to whatever issues a fridge is experiencing will allow for an easier time discerning the cause of the problems, and in turn, what repairs will need to be made. Just as a doctor needs a list of symptoms to give a proper diagnosis, our technicians will need to be made aware of anything out of the ordinary with your refrigerator in order to make an accurate assessment and perform any repairs. Below is a list of common malfunctions that can occur with a Sub-Zero refrigerator:

  • Showing an error code on the appliance’s electronic display
  • Not producing enough ice from the ice maker  
  • Water dispenser has low rate of flow, or is not flowing at all  
  • Not cooling enough or at all in one or both sections of the appliance  
  • Accumulating frost inside the appliance  
  • Leaking water from the appliance  

Why You Should Hire Us

We at Target Appliance Repair have been bringing new life to struggling appliances for well over a decade. Be it malfunctioning refrigerators, ineffective dishwashers, rebellious heating units, or any other manner of residential appliances, we are here to perform whatever repairs you may need to keep your house or business running in prime condition. From 8 A.M to 8 P.M, Monday through Saturday, our dedicated and experienced repair technicians serve the people of Sherman Oaks and its surrounding regions through outstanding service and affordable repair work. Our office staff will gladly ensure that with just a call, an appointment, and a list of appliance abnormalities, Target Appliance Repair will dispatch one of our many knowledgeable technicians to come to your aid, so that a deep, thorough, and accurate diagnosis can be performed, and the corresponding appliance can be completely repaired of any and all ailments. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a phone and call us at Target Appliance Repair today, and through our help with your Sub-Zero refrigerator repair in Sherman Oaks, we will ensure that your Sub-Zero refrigerator remains functional for many years to come!  

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