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Looking for an affordable, dependable company to serve all of your refrigeration repair needs? If so, then your search is now over! We at Target Appliance Repair will ensure that any and all Thermador refrigerators are properly looked over and repaired by one of our many experienced, professional service technicians. No matter the extent of the issues, no matter the severity of the malfunction, our friendly legion of technicians will always be there to gladly assist with any Thermador refrigerator repair in Sherman Oaks to address any troublesome Thermador fridges that are in need of assistance.

Why Call A Professional?

A Thermador refrigerator behaving strangely is a definitive sign to call in the aid of a professional technician. Not only could the most obvious issues plaguing your fridge be worse than they appear at first-glance, but any number of deeper problems may well be lurking behind the doors of your refrigeration unit, lying dormant, waiting to reveal themselves when it is least convenient for you! Just the same as any injury, if left untreated, such unseen malfunctions have a habit of growing worse over time, potentially chewing through your bank account with future repairs. But that is where we come in. Target Appliance Repair will ensure that one of our friendly, well-trained technicians will give your Thermador fridge a thorough diagnosis. With their vast amounts of knowledge on appliances of every kind, they will undoubtedly be able to not only properly assess any reported problems, but discover any dormant issues as well, saving you both time and money avoiding many future repair appointments. Proper and frequent repair work is vital for keeping your appliances up-to-date and at peak functionality, after all.

It is not only ill-advised to attempt any repairs yourself, but also both costly and risky. If you do not already possess formal training of the ins-and-outs of refrigeration units, then it is extremely likely that you could purchase unneeded parts and repair equipment. Furthermore, without any sort of background in appliance repair, it is also quite likely that you could cause further damage to your fridge, or at worst damage yourself. Since Thermador refrigerators can easily weigh over four hundred pounds, it is easy to imagine countless ways that both of these possible outcomes could become reality. Why put yourself at risk if the payoff is nothing but a few extra dollars saved? Why go through all the trouble of purchasing tools and parts that may not even be necessary? Save yourself from both hassle and injury by calling in one of our professional technicians, and save yourself both now and in the long run!

About Thermador

Inventor of the first wall oven, and champion of stainless-steel appliances, Thermador is a company specializing in luxury cooking appliances, along with other appliances utilized throughout the cooking process, such as refrigerators. Over the 118 years since its founding in 1916, the company has been a consistent innovator in the kitchen appliance market.

Common Issues and Concerns

If your Thermador refrigerator is acting out-of-the-ordinary in any manner, it is of the utmost importance that the source of the problem or problems be discerned, and immediately dealt with. That is where we come in. Our expertly-trained technicians will be able to look over your fridge, give it a proper diagnosis, and perform the repairs necessary to return the refrigerator to perfect working order. This process, however, is made far, far easier when the technician is given a list of unusual symptoms your appliance has been exhibiting lately. Below is a list of common malfunctions that can impact a Thermador refrigerator, any of which should be immediately taken note of if exhibited:

  • Showing an error code on the appliance’s electronic display
  • Not producing enough ice from the ice maker  
  • Water dispenser has low rate of flow, or is not flowing at all  
  • Not cooling enough or at all in one or both sections of the appliance  
  • Accumulating frost inside the appliance  
  • Leaking water from the appliance  

Why You Should Hire Us

For the past ten years, Target Appliance Repair has been assisting Sherman Oaks and its surrounding regions, ensuring the continued longevity of residential appliances both old and new. With a call to our dedicated office staff, we will be delighted to set up anyone in need with an appointment, and our band of friendly, dedicated service repair technicians will always be happy to bring new-life to any of your devices. After an accurate and thorough diagnosis, you can rest assured knowing that any and all misbehaving appliances will be set straight, with all of their malfunctions suitably sorted out. So why not give us a call? From 8 A.M to 8 P.M, Monday through Saturday, rain or shine, we at Target Appliance Repair will give our all to ensure that your Thermador refrigerator continues to live a long fruitful life by assisting with your Thermador refrigerator repair in Sherman Oaks, so that your wallet can continue to do the same.  

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