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Subzero Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Sherman Oaks CA

If your business depends on refrigeration equipment to keep things up and running, it’s critical for this equipment to be kept in good running condition. Otherwise, you could face costly downtime that interferes with your production and negatively affects your customer service. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for quality, responsive commercial refrigeration services. Target Appliance Repair is a trusted name for Subzero commercial appliance repair in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles.

Subzero Commercial Refrigerator Repair Sherman Oaks

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment We Service 

Target Appliance Repair in Sherman Oaks has extensive experience working on all makes and models of commercial refrigeration equipment. This knowledge and experience allows our Sherman Oaks subzero commercial refrigerator repair technicians to make prompt, accurate diagnoses and repairs. This way, you can get back to running your business, making money, and keeping customers happy!

Target Appliance Repair provides service to restaurants and bars, hotels, convenience stores, and other foodservice and hospitality industries. Below are the types of appliance repair in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks that we have experience with: 

  • Commercial coolers. Most businesses that rely on refrigeration equipment have either a walk-in cooler for storage purposes or a reach-in cooler that customers can access. Our technicians are comfortable working on all types and sizes of coolers. 
  • Commercial freezers. Also common are walk-in and reach-in commercial freezers. Our techs will make sure that your freezer can maintain a consistently cold temperature to keep perishable food items or medical equipment safe. 
  • Wine refrigerators. Wine coolers must be kept at precise, consistent temperatures to bring out the best flavors in the wine. Our technicians will make sure that your wine refrigerator can handle this job and deliver great-tasting wine to customers. 
  • Draft beer systems. Like wine, beer also needs to be kept at precise temperatures to keep it tasting fresh. The right system guarantees your beer always tastes smooth, cold, and refreshing whether you’re a small bar or full-service restaurant in the Los Angeles area.
  • Ice machines. If your business requires a steady supply of ice for soft drinks, slushies, and water, you’ll need a reliable, heavy-duty ice machine at your business. Proper maintenance and repairs keep these hard-working machines functioning optimally! 

Comprehensive Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services in Los Angeles 

When you’re running a business in the restaurant or hospitality industry, you know all too well that keeping your customers happy is your top priority. If your customers aren’t happy, they’re likely to leave a bad review online and encourage others not to visit you. This can be detrimental to your business if you upset enough customers. 

One of the best ways to ensure high quality, consistent service is by providing your customers with fresh food and beverages from clean refrigerators, freezers, and coolers. This is where Target Appliance Repair can help. 

Below are the types of refrigerator repair in Sherman Oaks that we offer: 

  • On-site commercial refrigeration equipment repair. Call us when you notice a problem with your refrigeration equipment such as spoiled food, leaks, damaged seals, or unusually high energy bills. 
  • Installation or removal of refrigeration appliances. Whether you need new refrigeration equipment installed, hauled away or both, count on our techs to get the job done right. Properly installed refrigeration equipment works more efficiently, too. 
  • Routine maintenance. Things like inspecting door hinges, monitoring daily temperatures, and cleaning the condenser are important to keep your refrigeration systems working as they should. Let Target Appliance Repair maintain your equipment for the best performance. 
  • Equipment refurbishments. Equipment refurbishments can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment or OEM parts. Our techs can determine what needs to be repaired on your equipment to extend its lifespan and reduce operational downtime. 

Why Choose Us for Commercial Refrigerator Repair in Sherman Oaks 

Target Appliance Repair provides outstanding service at a fair price. We recognize how important your commercial refrigeration equipment is to your business, which is why we have a flexible schedule to meet your needs. We won’t keep you waiting for an appointment! 

Not only will you get an appointment when you need it, but also we have the most experienced and respected technicians in the industry. Our techs have decades of experience working on all makes, models, and sizes of commercial refrigeration equipment. Nothing is too complex for us! 

If it turns out that your equipment is beyond repair, talk to our techs about upgrading to new equipment. While new refrigeration equipment is an investment, it’s essential to running a business in the foodservice industry. Fortunately, Target Appliance Repair can make recommendations for you based on your needs and budget. 

Request Your Free Estimate Today 

For fast repairs and customized solutions, schedule an appointment with Target Appliance Repair today. We are committed to our customers and will always go the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction in everything we do. Get your free estimate for appliance repair in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles today.