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If you’re in need of some of the highest-quality appliance repair that can be found in Agoura Hills, then look no further than Target Appliance Repair. Making full use of both a loyal legion of hardworking office staff and an efficient armada of skilled repair technicians, we are always poised to offer you aid with bringing your appliances back under your control. If reliable, dependable, and affordable appliance repair in Agoura Hills is what you’re after, then call us at Target Appliance Repair!


A Brief History of Agoura Hills

Located within the rugged Santa Monica Mountains, Agoura Hills is an area with a rich history all its own. First claimed by the Chumash around ten thousand years ago, and then later by Spanish missionaries, the area has changed ownership many times, eventually ending up in its current status as a city in California. Despite only becoming an official city in 1982, Agoura Hills sports a rich live music scene, and has given rise to such acts as Linkin Park, Dub Thompson, and Fort Minor.


Why Call a Professional?

It is never, has never been, and never will be recommendable to make attempts at do-it-yourself repairs upon your faltering appliances. Doing so, unless you already possess the skills and knowledge necessary to be distinguished as a repair person yourself, will always entail several debilitating risks. You might end up breaking your poor, unsuspecting appliances even further, potentially rendering them inert for a far longer duration. You might wind up in the possession of several unnecessary pieces of repair equipment and unneeded repair parts at the end of a shopping spree, having wasted precious dollars. Worst of all, you might even injure yourself in some manner, all due to the simple mistake of not hiring a professional to do your bidding. With all of that in mind, wouldn’t it be far less risky to simply pick up the phone and schedule a repair appointment?


Despite all appearances, it is both far simpler and far cheaper to summon the aid of an experienced, well-trained professional to repair your machinery. With a veritable fountain of knowledge and hands-on experience, any repair technician you end up with is certain to offer your appliances both a full and proper diagnosis, and any and all repairs that they are in desperate need of receiving. They may even uncover a dark secret or two hiding within the deepest depths of your devices. Occasionally, with no visible signs from the outside, an appliance can house within it the makings of a future problem that has yet to develop. If left to fester, these dormant problems-in-the-making can and likely will evolve into actual problems, and when such secrets are uncovered by the watchful eyes of a repair person, such futures can be prevented from transpiring, which will save you money in the long run.


Common Appliance Issues and Concerns

If you or a loved one are currently suffering from one or more faulty appliances, then it is of the utmost importance that the root cause of the issues be discerned. To that end, be certain to take special note of any and all anomalies that your appliances are exhibiting, so that when a professional repair person is hired, such vital details can be properly relayed to them. With the knowledge of such information, the repair technician you’ve hired will be certain to give proper diagnoses for your appliances, and make repairs as needed. Below is a list of not just appliances we as a company service, but also common occurrences that can plague said appliances:



● Showing an error code on the appliance’s electronic display

● Not producing enough ice from the ice maker

● Water dispenser has low rate of flow, or is not flowing at all

● Not cooling enough or at all in one or both sections of the appliance

● Accumulating frost inside the appliance

● Leaking water from the appliance


Air Conditioners and Heaters:

● Refusing to emit the desired air temperature.

● Thermostat not working

● Making loud or concerning noises

● Releasing abnormal scents

● Not starting flow of air

● Not stopping flow of air


Ovens, Stovetops, and Cooking Ranges:

● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● One or more burners not lighting up on the stovetop

● Part or all of the oven not heating up fully or at all

● Internal temperature excessively fluctuates

● Leaking gas (not applicable to electric ovens and stoves)


Washing Machines:

● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Door not locking or unlocking

● Not starting a cycle

● Not draining during a cycle

● Stopping mid-cycle

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

● Moving or shaking violently while running



● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Not heating sufficiently or at all

● Not starting a cycle

● Stopping mid-cycle

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

● Moving or shaking violently while running



● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Not cleaning dishes properly

● Not drying dishes properly

● Not draining during a cycle

● Not starting a cycle, or not starting at all

● Making loud, concerning noises while running



Why You Should Hire Us

The area of Agoura Hills is home to many, and at any moment, any one of the appliances that any of those people rely on could begin to falter. That is where we come in. Here at Target Appliance Repair, we have always been willing to lend a hand to those in need of our expertise for over a decade, and we’re just getting started. Whether what ails you is a fickle refrigerator, a haughty heater, or a wavering washing machine, a simple call between the hours of 8 A.M to 8 P.M. Monday through Saturday will be your first step on the road to once again having a fully-functioning array of appliances. Once you receive an appointment for one of our skilled, professional, and friendly service technicians to come to your rescue, you’ll be in good hands. With results so quick and easy, why even wait? If what you need is a high-quality appliance repair in Agoura Hills, give us at Target Appliance Repair a call!

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