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Whether what you seek is the ability to clean clothes again, a nice and cool house for the summer months, or the capacity to keep food fresh for longer than a few days, Target Appliance Repair has you covered. With the full might of over a decade of experience in the field of appliance repair at our disposal, any mechanical malfunction will rue the day that it ever showed its face in Burbank, California! So if what you are after is simple, reasonably-priced appliance repair in the area of Burbank, call us at Target Appliance Repair today!

A Brief History of Burbank

Named after David Burbank, establisher of a sheep ranch within the area during the year 1867, Burbank is now known widely as the “Media Capital of the World”. Originally, however, the area housed the settlements of the Tongva tribe, but after the Spanish arrived, it became the site of two large Ranchos. Today, long after becoming an American city, Burbank acts as the headquarters of many, many media companies, including Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and Disney. In addition, the city is also home to the largest IKEA in the country.

Why Call a Professional?

It is far more advantageous in multiple respects to perform the simple action of hiring a trained professional to repair your ailing appliances, rather than attempting to perform the difficult action of repairing your appliances yourself with no prior knowledge or experience. With sharp eyes and deft hands, any professional repair person of ours will undoubtedly be able to offer you the fullest extent of service that an effective diagnosis and fruitful repairs can provide. They might even find one or a few dormant ailments lingering under the surface of your appliances, and can then rectify them during their visit. By doing so, you are being saved additional money via averted future repair attempts.

One should never really make any sort of serious attempt at self-sufficient appliance repairs, unless, of course, they already possess the bounty of knowledge and skill that would be necessary for any professional to have in order to work in the field. Without such knowhow, however, terrible and costly outcomes are liable to occur, including (but not limited to): wasting money on unnecessary equipment and replacement parts, causing further damage to appliances that are already on the brink of potential collapse, and causing serious injury to one’s own person. And do you know what simple action carries none of these aforementioned risks? Scheduling an appointment for a trained professional to come and perform repairs for you.

Common Appliance Issues and Concerns

Appliances, much like people, begin to wither away as they age. Eventually, the circuitry housed within them reaches a state where the appliance itself becomes unable to function properly. However, appliances are not people, and unlike people, they can be repaired fully so that they work anew. When your washing machine, dryer, or other household appliances begin to display symptoms of the aging process, it is important to remember that this can be rectified quite easily by summoning the aid of an experienced professional, but they themselves cannot do the job alone. They will need valuable information that can only be provided by you yourself, about what exactly ails your appliances so. Here is a brief list of such warning signs that one should remain ever vigilant for when gazing upon their appliances:


● Showing an error code on the appliance’s electronic display

● Not producing enough ice from the ice maker

● Water dispenser has low rate of flow, or is not flowing at all

● Not cooling enough or at all in one or both sections of the appliance

● Accumulating frost inside the appliance

● Leaking water from the appliance


● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Not cleaning dishes properly

● Not drying dishes properly

● Not draining during a cycle

● Not starting a cycle, or not starting at all

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

Ovens, Stovetops, and Cooking Ranges:

● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● One or more burners not lighting up on the stovetop

● Part or all of the oven not heating up fully or at all

● Internal temperature excessively fluctuates

● Leaking gas (not applicable to electric ovens and stoves)

Washing Machines:

● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Door not locking or unlocking

● Not starting a cycle

● Not draining during a cycle

● Stopping mid-cycle

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

● Moving or shaking violently while running


● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Not heating sufficiently or at all

● Not starting a cycle

● Stopping mid-cycle

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

● Moving or shaking violently while running

Air Conditioners and Heaters:

● Refusing to emit the desired air temperature.

● Thermostat not working

● Making loud or concerning noises

● Releasing abnormal scents

● Not starting flow of air

● Not stopping flow of air

Why You Should Hire Us

No matter the appliance, no matter the damage, we at Target Appliance Repair are always here to help. Simply give us a call from the hours of 8 A.M to 8 P.M, Monday through Saturday, and our jovial office staff will help schedule an appointment for a member of of our loyal legion of service repair technicians to come to your location and show you the full power of our decade of experience in the field. With an accurate diagnosis, full and proper repairs, any extra repairs delivered if needed, and some of the best appliance repair in the area of Burbank just a mere phone call away, why continue to wait? Give us a call at Target Appliance Repair today, and experience the wonders of working appliances once again.

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