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Have one or more of your appliances begun going through a rebellious phase? Have they been partially or outright refusing to give you the full extent of their promised capabilities? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then have no fear, for Target Appliance Repair is here! With a quick phone call, we can help to schedule you an appointment for any one of our expertly-trained army of repair technicians to come and assist with your appliance repair in Chatsworth, all for a reasonable price.

A Brief History of Chatsworth

For 8,000 years, three Native American tribes called the area now known as Chatsworth their home. After colonization, the area became the single largest Rancho given out by the Spanish, and retained that title after the United States claimed the area following the Mexican-American War. Chatsworth was inducted as a city in the year 1915.

Why Call a Professional?

If what you seek is the simplest, safest, and most cost-efficient path towards repairing your appliances, look no further than the simple action of scheduling an appointment for assistance from a professional. Besides the obvious benefits of guaranteeing an accurate and thorough diagnosis, as well as effective repairs, there may also be several secrets waiting to be uncovered. Within appliances both new and old, the potential for a great many dormant malfunctions to lie in wait exists, which will reveal themselves come a time in the future when it is least convenient for you. By hiring a skilled repair technician in the present, they are able to spot such latent ailments, and rectify them in the present, saving you both precious time and money now that you would have otherwise needed to spend later on.

If what you seek is the most difficult, risk-ridden, and least cost-efficient path forward, then look no further than attempting to repair your appliances yourself. With such easily attainable side effects as possibly purchasing needless parts and tools, further damaging already breaking appliances, and perhaps even injuring oneself in the bargain, it truly is no real surprise why the simplest solution is, in this scenario, the better option. Elegance is very often disguised as simplicity, after all.

Common Appliance Issues and Concerns

When it comes to the functionality of appliances, just as with the functionality of people, it tends to ail and wither when exposed to the inexorable march of time. Once this process begins to take hold of your machines, and their functionality begins to be brought into question, then it is about time to call in the help of a repair technician. Before doing so, be sure to make physical or mental notes of exactly what plights plague your appliances, so as to make the entire diagnosis and repair process easier for everyone involved. Here is a list detailing some of the many appliance malfunctions that can be brought about by the ravages of time:


● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Not cleaning dishes properly

● Not drying dishes properly

● Not draining during a cycle

● Not starting a cycle, or not starting at all

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

Ovens, Stovetops, and Cooking Ranges:

● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● One or more burners not lighting up on the stovetop

● Part or all of the oven not heating up fully or at all

● Internal temperature excessively fluctuates

● Leaking gas (not applicable to electric ovens and stoves)


● Showing an error code on the appliance’s electronic display

● Not producing enough ice from the ice maker

● Water dispenser has low rate of flow, or is not flowing at all

● Not cooling enough or at all in one or both sections of the appliance

● Accumulating frost inside the appliance

● Leaking water from the appliance

Washing Machines:

● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Door not locking or unlocking

● Not starting a cycle

● Not draining during a cycle

● Stopping mid-cycle

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

● Moving or shaking violently while running


● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Not heating sufficiently or at all

● Not starting a cycle

● Stopping mid-cycle

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

● Moving or shaking violently while running

Air Conditioners and Heaters:

● Refusing to emit the desired air temperature.

● Thermostat not working

● Making loud or concerning noises

● Releasing abnormal scents

● Not starting flow of air

● Not stopping flow of air

Why You Should Hire Us

It is an unfortunate fact that your appliances are doomed to eventually sputter and fail you. When this happens, don’t let it catch you unaware; call Target Appliance Repair for a means of rectifying the situation. Let it be known that our army of friendly and polite office staff are ever at the ready to divvy out scheduled appointments to all who need it the most. Whether what troubles you is your washing machine, your AC unit, or your refrigerator, each member of our merry band of service repair technicians are always certain to offer you some of the best appliance repair this side of Chatsworth. With ever more productivity being sapped away by broken appliances, why continue to wait? Call Target Appliance Repair between the hours of 8 A.M to 8 P.M, Monday through Saturday, and bring your appliances back under control.

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