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Have any of your appliances broken down in recent days? Have you suddenly been plunged at the base of a seemingly insurmountable pile of hardships because of it? If so, then it may be your lucky day, for we at Target Appliance Repair excel at helping individuals out of such situations! With over ten years of experience doing just that, it’s really no wonder that your search for affordable, reliable, and excellent appliance repair in the area of Reseda has led you here.

A Brief History of Reseda

Once, long ago, the tree-studded hills and bubbling streams and windswept grasses of pre-colonization Reseda were inhabited by Native Americans, who lived close to the banks of the Los Angeles River. After European colonization, however, the land, and the people who inhabited it, would never be the same. After shifting ownership from mission to farming company to finally the Suburban Homes Company in 1909, Reseda would at long last begin to set a name for itself in 1912. From that point onward, the city would continue to grow slowly but surely into what it is today.

Why Call a Professional?

Whilst it may appear to be a reasonable option at first glance, the thought that it would be cheaper to simply repair one’s appliances all on one’s lonesome is but a siren’s call to lure both you and your innocent bank account towards the jagged rocks. When one does not possess both experience and knowledge that would be necessary to act as a certified appliance repair technician in the field, then there are unfortunately several uniquely-detrimental drawbacks to take into account before proceeding. The most ever-present risk is without a doubt the danger of causing further damage to the appliance in question, but other gambles include the danger of wasting more money on unneeded equipment and replacement parts, or possibly even on accidental injuries. With such omnipresent risks in every part of the self-repair process, wouldn’t it simply be both easier and cheaper to hire an experienced professional?

By far the better option, the hiring of a professional, one who has received years of training, and is a veteran of many completed appliance repair jobs, will very likely prove to be the more financially sensible action. With but a mere phone call, an appointment can be yours for the taking, knowing that come the scheduled date, all of your appliances woes will be righted to the best of our abilities. During said date, a full and proper diagnosis will be performed by your designated technician, and afterwards, any subsequently-needed repairs will be certain to return your weary appliances to proper working order. To top it all off, if there are any unexpected issues that are discovered with your appliance, they too will be repaired as well, an outcome that likely wouldn’t occur if you yourself make any sort of do-it-yourself repair attempts.

Common Appliance Issues and Concerns

There is sadly no rhyme or reason to when and where appliances decide to cease functionality. The inexplicable whims of the universe at-large may know the answer, but sadly, we mortals likely never will. One thing we can control, however, is when and where those appliances are repaired! When any one of your trusted appliances begins to falter, be certain to call us at once, all while having whatever it is that is troubling you and your appliances catalogued and ready to be relayed to the technician who will be sent to your location. Speaking of appliance malfunctions, here is a brief list of such issues with various types of appliances. Be sure to remain on the lookout for any warning signs of deeper issues that can often manifest themselves in the form of symptoms such as these:

Air Conditioners and Heaters:

● Refusing to emit the desired air temperature.

● Thermostat not working

● Making loud or concerning noises

● Releasing abnormal scents

● Not starting flow of air

● Not stopping flow of air


● Showing an error code on the appliance’s electronic display

● Not producing enough ice from the ice maker

● Water dispenser has low rate of flow, or is not flowing at all

● Not cooling enough or at all in one or both sections of the appliance

● Accumulating frost inside the appliance

● Leaking water from the appliance


● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Not cleaning dishes properly

● Not drying dishes properly

● Not draining during a cycle

● Not starting a cycle, or not starting at all

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

Ovens, Stovetops, and Cooking Ranges:

● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● One or more burners not lighting up on the stovetop

● Part or all of the oven not heating up fully or at all

● Internal temperature excessively fluctuates

● Leaking gas (not applicable to electric ovens and stoves)


● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Not heating sufficiently or at all

● Not starting a cycle

● Stopping mid-cycle

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

● Moving or shaking violently while running

Washing Machines:

● Displaying an error code on the electronic display

● Door not locking or unlocking

● Not starting a cycle

● Not draining during a cycle

● Stopping mid-cycle

● Making loud, concerning noises while running

● Moving or shaking violently while running

Why You Should Hire Us

When it comes to appliance repair, you really cannot go wrong with Target Appliance Repair. With a legacy over ten years in the making, a loyal legion of friendly office staff ever-eager to set you up with anything you need, and a veritable armada of expertly-trained repair technicians, there is simply no appliance repair job that is beyond our capabilities. With but a simple phone call to our number between the hours of 8 A.M to 8 P.M, Monday through Saturday, we will be certain to grant you an appointment to bear witness to the full might of over a decade of experience that we possess. So why delay? Call Target Appliance Repair today, and receive some of the very best appliance repair to be found in all of Reseda.

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