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Should your appliances located within the area of Sylmar begin to falter, then you should call Target Appliance Repair for assistance! Over a decade of experience with appliance repair in Sylmar has given us the means, the experience, and the confidence to consistently offer nothing but the very best in repairs that can be found.

A Brief History of Sylmar

Sylmar, the so-called “Top of Los Angeles”, is the northernmost neighborhood in the entirety of the city of Los Angeles. The area has historically been known for its prowess in the cultivation of olives, even dating all the way back to its official founding in the year 1874. Despite being hit heavily by the 1971 San Fernando Earthquake, and then by the 1994 Northridge Earthquake, Sylmar has proven itself to be a determined and enduring slice of rurality, a quaint look back on how California life once was for a time: pastoral and pristine.

Why Call a Professional?

Should one desire to open oneself up to unnecessary risks and the potential to lose money, then they need only try their hand at inexperienced appliance repairs. The routes that lead to the end goal of wasting dollar bills are open and varied. One could waste their money on unnecessary replacement parts and tools, on further damages to their appliances, or even on personal injuries, all during the course of their own misguided do-it-yourself repair attempt. The horizons of the future are ever-expansive, after all, so why tempt fate and challenge yourself to dive headfirst into a field where you have no experience or training?

Should the desire to ensure that oneself is not opened up to the fickle whims of the wider universe, then they need only pick up the phone, and schedule an appointment for a repair technician to come and right all their appliance’s wrongs. With surefire repairs, all-but-guaranteed quality in services, and the flexibility needed to tackle any and all unexpected discoveries lurking deep within the depths of your machines, summoning the aid and relying upon the expertise of trained professionals is the only concrete means of restoring your appliances to full working order.

Common Appliance Issues and Concerns

Those who give nothing often get nothing in return. That is a truth that reigns over the relationship between you and your appliances. If you don’t give your appliances the proper repairs and maintenance they require to remain functioning optimally, then they will be unable to provide you with their continued functionality. If your appliances don’t give any sort of functionality from the beginning, then they will get no appreciation from you in return. With that in mind, if you wish to continue to receive all the functionality that your appliances are able to offer you, then it would benefit you to summon appliance repair technicians to their side when the time calls for it. To know when exactly that time has come, it is best to periodically check your appliances for unusual behaviors, such as the ones listed below:


Displaying an error code on the electronic display

Not cleaning dishes properly

Not drying dishes properly

Not draining during a cycle

Not starting a cycle, or not starting at all

Making loud, concerning noises while running

Air Conditioners and Heaters:

Refusing to emit the desired air temperature.

Thermostat not working

Making loud or concerning noises

Releasing abnormal scents

Not starting flow of air

Not stopping flow of air


Displaying an error code on the electronic display

Not heating sufficiently or at all

Not starting a cycle

Stopping mid-cycle

Making loud, concerning noises while running

Moving or shaking violently while running

Washing Machines:

Displaying an error code on the electronic display

Door not locking or unlocking

Not starting a cycle

Not draining during a cycle

Stopping mid-cycle

Making loud, concerning noises while running

Moving or shaking violently while running

Ovens, Stovetops, and Cooking Ranges:

Displaying an error code on the electronic display

One or more burners not lighting up on the stovetop

Part or all of the oven not heating up fully or at all

Internal temperature excessively fluctuates

Leaking gas (not applicable to electric ovens and stoves)


Showing an error code on the appliance’s electronic display

Not producing enough ice from the ice maker

Water dispenser has low rate of flow, or is not flowing at all

Not cooling enough or at all in one or both sections of the appliance

Accumulating frost inside the appliance

Leaking water from the appliance

Why You Should Hire Us

Regardless of the severity, the appliance, or the caller, we at Target Appliance Repair are always willing to offer all of the support we and our dedicated team of expert repair technicians are capable of giving. Our phone lines remain open anytime between 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Saturday, for all the help you may find yourself in need of with your appliances. For over ten years, Target Appliance Repair has been delivering much-needed assistance with appliance repair in Sylmar, and beyond, and we show no signs of stopping now. Call us today, and return to the glories of having peace of mind with your appliances!

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