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For more than 100 years, Thermador has delivered luxury appliances that are ahead of their time in terms of function, style and aesthetics. This brand is well-respected but that doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong. Thermador appliances still need repairs at times, and it takes factory-trained technicians to get the job done right. Target Appliance Repair provides timely repairs on Thermador appliances. High-end appliances deserve high-end repairs, and that’s exactly what we’re prepared to deliver. Whether it’s your Thermador refrigerator, range, oven or cooktop, we’ll send out the most qualified technicians.


Thermador Appliance Repair Services in Los Angeles 


It doesn’t matter where you bought your Thermador appliances from, we’ll fix them and give them the attention they deserve. Even the most dependable appliances require repairs and maintenance from time to time.


Here are the Thermador appliances that we provide service for:

  • Thermador refrigerators
  • Thermador ranges  
  • Thermador ovens
  • Thermador cooktops and rangetops
  • Thermador dishwashers
  • And more!  

Why Choose Us for Thermador Appliance Repair in Sherman Oaks

When you pay a premium for better appliances, you expect to get more from them. We couldn’t agree more. Target Appliance Repair has solutions for all types of problems including appliance failure due to an original repair, a defect in materials or workmanship or general wear and tear. You’re in great hands with us and you can trust our technicians to understand the problems that Thermador appliances face.


Reasons to choose us to service your Thermador appliances are:

  • Decades of experience servicing name-brand products
  • Factory trained technicians that are familiar with top-of-the-line brands like Bosch and Thermador  
  • Prompt, reliable service that gets your kitchen up and running
  • Competitive rates on maintenance, repairs and service 
  • Honest feedback - if your Thermador appliance is not worth fixing, we’ll let you know

Tips for Expanding Your Appliance’s Lifespan


When you invest in a Thermador appliance, there’s no question that you want it to last for as long as possible. Thermador ovens, in particular, have long lifespans of around 12-15 years. However, many appliances start to show wear and tear after 10 years, especially if you haven’t taken care of them. When our technicians come out, they’ll also provide some tips on how to extend your appliance’s lifespan. We care about our customers and want to help them save time and money. Here are some tips that we recommend when caring for your Thermador appliances:  

  • Use mild, soapy water and a soft cloth on stainless steel surfaces
  • Clean up spills as soon as possible
  • Clean refrigerator condenser coils every six months
  • Use the self-cleaning function on the oven

If your Thermador appliances are giving you problems, don’t delay in getting them fixed. Target Appliance Repair in Los Angeles has knowledgeable, experienced technicians who can diagnose and repair your appliance on the spot. Contact us today for an appointment.